Our Story

Expertise in e-mobility solutions

Over 20 years of expertise in e-mobility technology solutions

Our vision for e-mobility and renewable energy has driven us since 1999 and is deeply embedded into our company.

Tritium’s journey grew out of solar car racing at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane Australia.

In 1999, team SunShark took third place at the World Solar Challenge and was awarded the GM Sunraycer Award for Technical Achievement.  For the team, this award symbolised technical innovation that could likely be translated to commercial, real-world applications.

It was being part of this experience that made Tritium’s founders—now Chief Executive Officer David Finn, Chief Product Officer Paul Sernia and Chief Technology Officer James Kennedy—passionate about renewable energy for transport and electric vehicles. This innovation at the World Solar Challenge sparked demand for the team’s products from other solar car racers.

As a result, Tritium was founded in 2001—operating as a micro-business and selling the Gold Controller, a product which was first used in the SunShark.  Since then, the company has continued to grow through innovation and investment. 

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World Solar Challenge

We developed our first product, the Gold Controller motor inverter for solar vehicles. The Gold Controller is still used by most of the world's solar car racing teams to this day. 

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Tritium Founded

Building on early success in developing technology for e-mobility through solar racing team involvement, we founded Tritium to commercialise our products, and fund future development.

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Deep Sea Challenger

We provided the battery management system for the Deep Sea Challenger that James Cameron took to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.



Veefil-RT Developed

We launched the Veefil-RT -  the world's smallest DC fast charger for electric vehicles.

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Tritium goes global

We opened our doors to the world and established our first international office in Torrance, California. 

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Tritium expands into Europe

We opened our Amsterdam office to support existing customers and grow in one of the most advanced EV markets in the world.



Our story's only beginning

We're excited for what our future holds as we continue to pave the way towards energy freedom.